Outer Voices Friendraiser

Outer Voices Friendraiser

Thursday, December 13, 2012
6 to 8pm

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Outer Voices is an independent media team dedicated to sharing the stories of grassroots women leaders in the developing world.

Executive Director, Stephanie Guyer-Stevens described experiences of the Outer Voices' independent media team in remote regions of the world, pursuing the stories of women leaders. Listening stations were available to hear stories, learn about upcoming reporting and the newly launched Outer Voices Podcast.

Outer Voices is an independent media team dedicated to sharing the untold stories of grassroots women leaders from remote parts of the globe working for peace and cultural preservation. To do this, they have hiked the jungles of northern Laos, sailed across the Solomon Islands, travelled illegally into refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border, and most recently, trekked into southeastern Bhutan with Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan.

Its radio documentaries have been broadcast on over 600 public and community radio stations across the United States and internationally.

Beyond broadcasting they create ways for people to interact with women who are transforming the world, and in the process finding ways to transform their own.

Outer Voices' work has been awarded the Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding Documentary.